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“Your firm’s yearly financial performance evaluation service is a professional necessity to increase your strategic growth plan and tells you what return on investment result is now and ought to be next year and beyond. A complete check-up on all firm’s financial position. Think of it as a yearly financial health examination for your business NOW AND LATER. We provide this service for you”.

Our Process

A one-time fee of $329.00. No contract, no monthly or yearly fee, ever.

Here’s what you get for $329.00.

  • A well-worth-financial evaluation of your company’s entire finances in several categories like assets/debts/income/expenses/gross profits/ROE/ROA etc.
  • A complete Math course which includes Math book.
  • Learn Spanish E-course, and many health and social e-books.
    click [email protected]expert and send us your email address to receive the entire powerful complete Math e-book and course information for all grades. Included are answers to comprehensive SAT sample questions
  • Our “zoomintomath” encyclopedia book has won the best of Aurora [CO] in educational category in 2013 and 2021.
  • FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA.

No contract and no commitment of any kind.

This service is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied, let us know how we can make your financial analysis better adjusted for your firm’s requirements.

Remember, Accountants, Bookkeepers or Tax preparers do not provide this service. Their professional capacity involves past year’s operation. They account for your costs, profits, and past years’ tax dues, etc. as required by tax authorities.

Our role is totally different. We study this past performance and show you where your strengths and weaknesses are through all critical financial ratios so that you can use this analysis to improve all components of your financial side of the firm in the next period and beyond.

For example, we calculate and analyze your debt/income ratio. If your debt to income is high, you would need to lower this debt somehow to strengthen your future financial position. Another example,  if your costs/gross profits ratio is high, as we calculate and analyze that for you, you might want to take steps to lower your costs and increase your profit margin.

Having a profound look at your entire financial side of your business is urgently needed to improve your future return on investments and manage the whole operation much more efficiently. Our service is calculating and analyzing these highly sensitive ratios and report to you what our analysis discovers to mitigate your future risks. Think of it as a professional financial consultation to use for more profits for your business in the next period and beyond.

Privacy and Confidentiality?

100% Privacy, confidentiality, and nondisclosure of business information/data policy practice by our company

Our website follows all guidelines of privacy act of 1974, federal and state privacy, and confidentiality offline and online laws.

Financialysis. expert will not share any business information to a third party without your prior Greenlight Authorization.

We do not collect any personal data about your company’s personnel, and we do not sell such data to a third party.

You Have The Right To

You have the right under our policy to request your financial consultation to be received in any written, or digital form.

You have the right to upload your financial statements up to our secure/private login upload feature on our website financialysis.expert or send it to us by regular USPS mail or any carrier you choose.

A one-time fee of $329.00. No contract, no monthly or yearly fee, ever.

A AAA rating customer service, if you have any concern, please, let us know how to resolve any issue you have. We are here to establish a strong bond in our mutual business relationship with your firm.


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