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Do you need financial analysis or research?


Are your business finances in order? Look into your entire business with professional eyes. Increase your control over your entire operation. Let’s study, analyze and report to you a complete 35 financial ratios-analysis to improve your business sales, debt, and growth management for the next few years. 


You can’t afford to let problematic issues in your business eat up your growth or profits


1. We analyze your finances so you can improve your profits                  

                 $329.00  a one-time fee


2. For institutions/Journals, we do financial/economic research and writing. We quote you, study your requirements and submit the final document to your satisfaction, guaranteed. The qualified author/researcher of your document will be Dr. Ismat Safar. You pay us half up-front and the rest at time of submission. We use PayPal platform. Please visit financialysis.expert for all details and introductory get-to-know us video, please.


3. Please visit us at zoomintomath2.com, then buy our encyclopedia book bundle authored by Dr. Ismat Safar for your family or relatives. It contains hundreds of entries in Algebra, Geometry, and units of measurements (340 pages). The bundle includes encyclopedia book, 50 SAT lessons, learn Spanish e-book/audio CD, Tote bag, Tee-shirt, several social issues e-books and FREE SHIPPING. All for $67.93


                                                                                                                                          Visit us at   www.financialysis.expert
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